16th blog post

Finally we are done!!! Last Tuesday, we had our final pitching. We divided the pitch and each of us had our own parts. After that, we had our demo last Thursday. We were late. Our prof was busy. Our schedule was 8am but we arrived there at 10am. We were late because we had to do a final testing to make sure the prototyoe was working. Using one arduino as suggested was not possible so we are using two. Our prototype may not be perfect, it may not be the best, but it is satisfying to know that our prototype is working. Our valve is small and when open, it needs pressure to really make the water flow. It was a good thing our prof went out of the school. When he came back we called him over to the parking lot and showed our prototype. We were relieved to know that it was accepted. He told us that in the afternoon he will announce the top 10 so just in case we were included there will be an orientation for the upcoming contest in pitching. Because we were not expecting to be in the top 10, we decided to go home. It was so unexpected that we would be included in the top 10 and we are thankful for that. However, none of our members were able to join the orientation. 

Last saturday, the competition was held and it made me super nervous because I am so not used to speaking in front of a lot of people. Good thing we had a very brave member to represent our group and pit hour product. I am very very grateful of having my team. When it was time to present our team was called. And the MC, one of our instructors made a mistake upon calling our team name. Which made us laugh. It helped me calm my heart a little bit. And on the question and answer portion, we tried our best to answer in english which made it difficult for us to explain. The judges were impressed with the idea but they said we needed more research. 

After all teams have presented, and the awarding of certificates to the judges  was done, it was time to announce the top 3. Me and my team kept saying “dili nata magdahom oi. Haha. Basta ang importante humana ta ug basta pasar ta payts na”. The MC was ready to announce the 1st runner up. He gave a hint which was “it has something to do with water” then the heads of the students were facing us. And we were totally surprised when our team name was called. 

We are really thankful for this experience, we learned a lot and we also had fun. Thank you sir for everything!


15th Blog post

So this is already the 15th week. Next week is the time of our lives, i mean the due date. Since the deadline is fast approaching, the requirements are now piling up. Now, we have changed our strategy. The two groups are now for the prototyping and the other is for the preparation of the documents and other requirements needed for the final pitching. Me and Yana are focusing on the orototyoe and the others for the requirements. Even though we are divided we are still one. 🙂 Yana has already made the charge controller and it is now working. All that’s left is programming the arduino with the solenoid valve and the sensor. 

Our prof suggested to use only one arduino for both that charge controller and the irrigation. But if that will not work we shall proceed with our 2 arduino design. However because of the time left we have decided to continue our current design and make things work. We are also checking up on the documents asking how things are going and they are also asking us. They make suggestions we also give them suggestions. 

We are now cramming and time management is the key 🔑 to success!

14th Blog Post. 

We had a meeting, we now have the money all that’s left is purchasin the components because we also have finalized what wee need and what we should use. We do not need to buy a panel because on another project, Yana’s groupd is assigned on buying the solar panel and his groupmates will let us use the panel. For the online transaction I am assigned to contact the seller and together with Yana, we will pay via Bank payment. The components for the solar charge controller is avaible in the city so we only need to order the solenoid valve and the soil moisture sensor online. We need 2 arduino uno and we already have them so there is no need to purchase that. 

13th Blog Post

The deadline is fast approaching, if we don’t make we are dead. Literally. Jokes aside, facebook is really the center of our group. It is like our company room where each members meet. It may not be the best solution but it is better than not meeting at all. We have researched where to buy a soil moisture sensor. We have seen one sold on olx and another sold in davao. The one in olx is much cheaper but we thought it is better to order in davao since delivery is only one day and the gap of thr prices is not really huge.

We have grouped our team into two, one for the solar panel side and one for the irrigation. We were assigned on the solar panel side so we researched about solar charge controllers and circuits for solar panels. We also canvased some solar panels in the city but for the mean time, we will borrow one from Yana’s friend. Even though we are split into two groups, it doesn’t mean we cannot interfere or give suggestions with the other group. Sharing of idea always gives a huge difference in the outcome of doing work. 

Next week is our intramurals and we are not planning to waste that much time roamin around school. So we are meeting up for the decision making what and where to buy and also for thr collection of the money. 

12th blog post

We are currently multitasking. We go around doing one project and another which makes it difficult for us to meet up. We have duties with other subjects so we end up just communicating through facebook, again. We have seen some examples that we can use as reference for implementing our prototype and we already have our arduino. For our design we will be only using one soil moisture sensor. Our problem is, where we can cind a good quality but cheap sensor since that will be our input for the system. 

We have realized that we need to manage our time a little better because the deadline is fast approaching.