15th Blog post

So this is already the 15th week. Next week is the time of our lives, i mean the due date. Since the deadline is fast approaching, the requirements are now piling up. Now, we have changed our strategy. The two groups are now for the prototyping and the other is for the preparation of the documents and other requirements needed for the final pitching. Me and Yana are focusing on the orototyoe and the others for the requirements. Even though we are divided we are still one. đŸ™‚ Yana has already made the charge controller and it is now working. All that’s left is programming the arduino with the solenoid valve and the sensor. 

Our prof suggested to use only one arduino for both that charge controller and the irrigation. But if that will not work we shall proceed with our 2 arduino design. However because of the time left we have decided to continue our current design and make things work. We are also checking up on the documents asking how things are going and they are also asking us. They make suggestions we also give them suggestions. 

We are now cramming and time management is the key 🔑 to success!


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