13th Blog Post

The deadline is fast approaching, if we don’t make we are dead. Literally. Jokes aside, facebook is really the center of our group. It is like our company room where each members meet. It may not be the best solution but it is better than not meeting at all. We have researched where to buy a soil moisture sensor. We have seen one sold on olx and another sold in davao. The one in olx is much cheaper but we thought it is better to order in davao since delivery is only one day and the gap of thr prices is not really huge.

We have grouped our team into two, one for the solar panel side and one for the irrigation. We were assigned on the solar panel side so we researched about solar charge controllers and circuits for solar panels. We also canvased some solar panels in the city but for the mean time, we will borrow one from Yana’s friend. Even though we are split into two groups, it doesn’t mean we cannot interfere or give suggestions with the other group. Sharing of idea always gives a huge difference in the outcome of doing work. 

Next week is our intramurals and we are not planning to waste that much time roamin around school. So we are meeting up for the decision making what and where to buy and also for thr collection of the money. 


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