11th Blog Post

We are beyond the date to pass our users journey. We are to blame for procastinating and focus on other matters. Me and yana were somewhat busy with another subject so we asked the other three members to handle the users journey for now. We said that we will make it up to them later. And we are thankful that they understand our situation. 

The topic we had when all of us were online, was about the main components of our product. We estimated the cost for the miniature solar powered irrigation system we were planning to make. We also talked about what kind of irrigation, which is the drip irrigation and also, which components were mostly used on some existing mini garden watering system. Most were using arduino and raspberry pi but since we somewhat have an experience with programming an arduino, we are considering to use arduino for the project. We are also researchin about the soil moisture sensor. 

This week’s assignment is the empathy map. We put ourselves on the shoes of the user to understand what that user wants and feels. Doing this would help us make a better product and meet the qualities the user would want.


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