10th Blog post

The midterm week is done. We did our pitch last thursday and our instructor has pointed out some of the mistakes we made on our documents. Specifically some details on the lean canvas and validation board. Our professor expects us to submit the edited documents next week. I really am thankful that our professor is not super strict with us and is very considerate. He gave us a bit of time to revise our documents. Within the time he gave us, we were able to finish revising by communicatin through facebook, sharing the file on our group chat. Each of us checking the file making comments of what to put there. We asked our CEO to pass the said documents.

We were also asked what our plan was for our prototype. Our prof asked us whether we should make a prototype or use an existing irrigation and autmate it. Since the cost of latter is too much for only 5 students, we decided that we will make a prototype. We divided the work between us members. Me, together with Via were assigned on researching how to program the arduino. 

This week we also had a lecture about wireframe it is a very good tool in web development but since our product is more on the hard ware side, wire frame is inapplicable.


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