5th Blog Post

The 5th week is coming to an end. This week has been a very busy one for all of us students taking up technopreneurship. On the first day, my teammate Teody, shared our lean canvas to the whole class. Our professor had some comments regarding the details which needed to be revised. He also announced that we will be having a seminar related to pitching. On the last two days of this week, we had a competition and a boot camp for pitching which was very very educational.

In the boot camp, the things discussed there were already discussed in our lecture in technopreneurship. But hearing the details again made us understood the whole thing better. Before the competition, we were still unprepared because we were having a hard time what data to put to our presentation. But good thing, we finished it right on time and we had our presentation checked. I am also very happy we had a team mate willing to pitch in front of an investor because I myself, don’t think I could do anything like that since I’m not that confident in speaking English.


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