3rd Blog Post

For our 3rd week in technopreneurship, we just focused on our task. On the previous week, we have already chosen our main market areas namely: Agriculture and On-demand Products. We also had what product is for each area. My group mate, Teody, pitched our ideas in front of the whole class. However our professor was not so convinced with the other two ideas. His attention was focused on our product for Agriculture. He still had questions because the idea was not fully supported and thought thoroughly.

Two days after our lecture, our professor told us to visit him in his office. But we missed the opportunity so we visited him the following day. He called us over so he could introduce us to a client who is also our instructor. He also had his questions regarding the project especially the scalability. We had trouble answering it since we have not thought it through properly. We were thankful since he suggested that if the project will be approved, building it will be killing two birds with one stone since it will serve as a project for two subjects



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