4th Blog Post

This week, I was hospitalized. But good thing I had my very loving groupmate and BF Teody Yana Jr. He visited me in the hospital and updated me with school work. For this week’s task, we were asked to find and talk to a client. We were confused because in the previous week we were told that one of our professors was our client. But just to be sure, we decided to look for one.

Me and my groupmates couldn’t find the right time to meet up in school but good thing they are still in reach with the help of facebook. After I got discharged, I saw that they were still planning and looking for a client. Michael went and asked some farmers what was their problem. The most common answer was money but some said the irrigation.  Via, our groupmate, said her grandparents were farmers. She said she would ask them what their problem is and ask them to be our client.


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