2nd Blog Post

The second week swiftly came to an end. Previously, we have successfully gathered all the needed members in our group. My first impression of the members was not really positive. I thought they were the “Dawlims” type of people.

We have created our own group chat in Facebook so we could communicate. We did have each other’s phone numbers but some of us did not have load and one of our members still had her phone fixed. Last Thursday, we decided to gather and meet in the Engineering Complex.

At first, we all seemed a bit hesitant and shy. But me and Teody thought that if we continue to let our shyness eat us up nothing will change and it will make the atmosphere awkward. When we found a room where we could all sit we started our meeting. We brainstormed for ideas that we could use for our startup.

After the meetup, my impression of them has changed. Micahel is a very intelligent student. We voted him as our CEO. Via is also very good and she seems comfortable being with us. and Raiza seemed to be smart too. The three of them had really really good ideas. But we are still yet to have one more market area.

What are your strong suits? What are ur weaknesses What is your topic interest What do you want to do a startup


Weakness: Speaking in front of a crowd
Strength: Building projects(course related)
Topic Interests: web, android and IoT related projects

I want do a startup to because I believe this will help me grow and become a better person both as an engineer and an entrepreneur. I also believe there are so much more opporunities in the business world than the corporate world.



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