First Technopreneurship Blog Post

I am currently undertaking a very challenging yet exciting subject in my course. I was expecting it would be just like the typical, study-report-pass the exams, type of subject so that we won’t fail. But after my professor introduced


Technopreneurship it changed my opinion about the said subject. It made me nervous when he told us that we would pitch our ideas in front of professionals. However, I thought that this subject will help us grow and lead us to the right path.
For the first week, June 20-25,2016, we were given a task to group ourselves into 5 which will be composed of an 2 computer Engineering,1 Mechanical Engineering,1 Electrical Engineering, and 1 Electronics and Communications Engineering students. After our Technopreneurship class, I ¬†partnered with Teody Yana Jr. So for the first day, we had 2 computer engineering students in our group. We decided to look for the remaining members the next day. On the second day, we still couldn’t find another member since we did not know where to find them and we did not know anyone in those specific courses. But in the evening of that day one of my classmates asked if there was anyone looking for an Electrical Engineering student. I replied to her text saying “Kami. Wala pa jud mi nakita nga kagrupo. “. She suggested a girl named Irish, a 5th year student in Electrical Engineering. I texted Teody so that we could decide together. But we had no idea who Irish was so we wanted to meet her to see what kind of person she was. On the next day, before we went to meet Irish, me and my fellow classmates went to the classroom of the Mechanical Engineering students. We waited for them to finish their class. When we saw that they were mostly male, we were reluctant to ask one of them to be part of our group. We did not know even one of them. We just stood there looking at the students while my other classmates were busy talking to someone they know. But we were caught of guard when one student approached us, He said ” Naa na moy kagrupo? “. We said ” Wala pa lagi. wala man gyud mi kaila diri. “. Then he asked to be part of us and we said yes. His name is Michael Makidato. Our first impression of him was “Siaw”. But we just decided to accept him and thought that he would be good in talking with others since he did not seem nervous at all when he talked to us. After we got his number, we parted ways and we went to meet Irish. By the time we met her, I was super shy but she seemed like a very good person and I liked her to be part of the group. But we were too late because she was already a part of another group. I thought “Sayanga ui”. Then she recommended a girl named Raiza. She called her so we could meet her. Raiza seemed to be a silent type of girl when she’s around some people she doesn’t know. We asked her if she was okay with us. She said yes then I asked for her number. She asked us if we were still lacking members. I told her we are still lacking an ECE-4 student. She said she will tell someone she knows to be a part of the group. The evening on that day, I received a text message that she found someone. Her name was Via Duallo. Via asked who the group members were so she could decide if she will be part of the group. My first impression was that Via was very serious in her studies since she wanted to check who the members were. I texted the full names of the members and told her if she wanted to, she could look us up on facebook. After she did that, she decided to be one of us.


Well, so far, that’s what we did for our first week. stay tuned for the upcoming events and activities.


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